It's all about IT
Hello! My name is Martin Hunt,
I am a IT Pro.
I am a 14 year IT Pro who is passionate about the service I provide to my customers (colleagues). As a SysAdmin I have found the role in IT that suits me the best, I look forward to every day.

Currently I am SysAdmin of an SMB network containing 70 workstations, 50 virtualised Servers (Microsoft and Linux) and 65 Users in three separate offices, two in the Old Port of Montreal where I am based, and one in Singapore. I run the whole show myself working under the IT Director.

I approach every problem knowing there is a solution to be found, this enables me to overcome issues that others have given up on. I enjoy the challenges of the day to day work and find it especially satisfying to help my Users to improve their workday through personal interaction and systemic improvements. I am dedicated to making the IT environment efficient, cost effective, secure and user friendly. 
What Can I Do?
  1. Workstation
    Imaging, configuration, specification, maintenance, hardware, decommissioning.
  2. Server
    Windows 2012, 2008, patching, updates, maintenance, backup.
  3. Management
    Active directory, group policy, file server.
  4. User
    Advocacy, training, workflow, ergonomics, security, equipment requests.
  5. Virtual
    VMware, provisioning, configuration, restoration.
  6. Software
    Roll out, configuration, training, license servers, account management.
  7. Packages
    Windows, Office, Adobe, Veeam, Symantec, Zimbra, Spiceworks.
  8. Other
    Adaptable, quick Learner, search-fu, tenacious problem solver, innovation.
Projects and Interests
  1. Case mod
    Case mod
    Converted NZXT Rogue case to retro.
  2. Water cooled
    Water cooled
    Water cooled CPU, GFX and mobo. UV lights and water.
  3. Snowboarding
  4. Paddleboarding
    Thousand Islands - Leek Island.
  5. Deck project finished
    Deck project finished
    Self build deck.
  6. Dry Stone walling
    Dry Stone walling
    Landscaping at home.